Security for Businesses Top Tips

Are you aware of the many ways to secure your office?

Is computer safety a priority for your employees?If not your office information could be accessible to all who want to steal it!

This Ebook is a must read for business owners and managers who are concerned or don’t know about how to secure the office against fraudsters and thieves who are wanting to steal your information.

This Ebook has top tips on how to secure your office and reduce commercial risk of fraud/theft.

Specific Topics in this title include:

Computer Safety: Are your computers shut off at the end of every working day? Does the office laptop’s have anti-spam solutions? This is a simple and easy way to reduce security breaches.

Post Security: Are you suspicious that the office mail could have been stolen? This Ebook demonstrates ways to secure your post so that your businesses post will be secure.
Bills: Does your suppliers/distributors bill the business regularly? Is there a billing cycle? This a simple way to identify whether your business has become a victim of Fraudsters.

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