Paper Shredders

Posted on 22, Aug


Why Use a Shredder?

Shredders are essential to any office or home to help prevent any sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Shredding documents reduces the risk of internal data or customer’s information being seen or used by others. Important business information is protected and old bills and records destroyed.

Kobra Shredder

Choosing the Right Shredder.

It can be a challenge to find the right shredder, so we have set out a couple of points to consider before you invest in a shredder.
• How many sheets of paper the office is likely to shred per day.
• How much paper do you shred at a time?
• How many people are going to use the shredder.

Kobra Shredder

Types of Shredders

Strip-cut – Ideal for disposing of personal bills and small office documents.
Cross cut – Ideal for offices and departments where medium security standards are in practice.
Micro-cut – Ideal for shredding highly sensitive documents into dust.

Kobra Touchscreen Shredder

Why choose Kobra Shredders?

Kobra is an industry-leading brand of shredders designed for a broad array of applications. Kobra shredders are packed with innovative attributes and proprietary technology that differentiate it from the competition.

Features include

• 24 hours continuous duty- non-stop shredding for 24 hours without overheating.
• Energy management- stand-by power saving mode after 8 seconds of no use.
• Automatic reverse- starts when too much material is inserted to prevent jamming.
• Separate cutting knives- for separate shredding of CDs, DVDs and credit cards.
• Automatic oiler- built-in oiling system for the cutting knives.
• Chain drive- sturdy steel gears and metal chain drive which offer reliability and resistance to wear.

It’s ergonomics and design enables these shredders to blend in with any office environment or personal space. From routine personal shredding to highly confidential data destruction, Kobra’s comprehensive product line has the right shredder for the job.

Contact our Sales team today for advice on shredders and which one will suit you.

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Office Fit-Outs.

The team at Sligo Supply Centre can help you maximise the use of existing office space to create bright, efficient working offices.
We will work with you to design a space that fits your staff’s requirements and your budget.
We have successfully completed office fit outs for a variety of businesses across Ireland.
We deliver a high quality service every time and welcome any enquiries about this service.
A well designed workplace not only looks great, it will also help increase staff productivity and enables them to work to their full potential.

Standing Desks.

Research shows that the impact of sitting for hours at a time can be associated with a range of health problems, from obesity and diabetes to back pain. Poor posture, from sitting incorrectly at a desk for hours on end, also contributes to back pain and cases of repetitive strain injury. The solution is to successfully incorporate standing, pacing and other forms of activity into the work day.
Simple changes, such as walking to a colleague’s office rather than emailing or taking the stairs rather than the lift, can improve your health and work life. This is why alternating between standing at your desk and sitting can help reduce fatigue, back issues and improve mental awareness

We supply a range of ergonomic, height-adjustable desks, complete with electrical height adjustment mechanisms. ‘Leap’ is a reliable, office range and their products can be adjusted in height quickly and easily to allow you to work comfortably whether you are sitting or standing.

Sit/Stand Workstations.

The ‘Lotus’ workstation provides a sit/stand solution for your existing desk space. Its Smooth Lift Technology helps to keep your workstation stable while effortlessly changing between heights.


It features 22 different settings so the height can be adjusted to suit you. The cord management system allows the entire workspace to move freely and safely with you.

Contact a member of the team today for information on our Office Fit-Out service or our office furniture range.

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With so many different types of envelope to choose from, where do you start?

We have put together some information to help you choose the correct envelope for your project.

Choose from a variety of sizes

  • The DL size is 110mm x 220mm and holds an A4 sheet folded twice or an A5 folded once.

DL Envelope

  • The C5 can hold an A4 sheet folded once or A5 unfolded.

C5 Envelope

  • The C4 sized envelope holds an A4 sheet unfolded.

C4 Envelope

You can also choose from a variety of formats.

• Boardback protects the contents from creasing, folding or bending.
• Gusset envelopes are expandable for larger items.
• Padded envelopes are ideal for breakable items.


• The weight of an envelope starts at a lightweight 70gsm which is typically used as all-purpose, standard envelope.
• For more important documents you can choose a heavier weight such as 120gsm, which is sturdier and helps deliver the right impression to the recipient.

Window or no window.

• Window envelopes are commonly used for items such as invoices and statements where the address is automatically printed on the document.


• Most envelopes are available in two colours; white or manilla.

Type of seal.

• Gummed envelopes need to be moistened to seal down, and are used for hand sealing as well as on automatic inserting machines. This type of envelope usually has a shelf life of up to 1 year.
• Self-seal envelopes have two lines of natural rubber latex, and seal on contact without the need for moistening. This type of envelope usually has a shorter shelf life.
• Peel & seal envelopes have one strip of paper over the glue which once exposed allows the envelope to be sealed.

For more information or to get a quote please get in touch with a member of the Sligo Supply Centre team on 071-9145257 or


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Teacher’s Essentials.

We here at Sligo Supply Centre have lined up a few ideas to help you stay organised and effective during the remainder of the school year.
With the right supplies, you can get your classroom looking better and save time which can be misspent rummaging through paperwork, assignments and homework.

• Filing CabinetsFiling Cabinet Teacher's Essentials

Depending on the budget available, a filing cabinet would be a great investment to file away all that paperwork, reports, lesson plans and worksheets. There are 3 and 4 drawer filing cabinets available but if you are limited with space a vertical 2 drawer cabinet will fit easily in the corner and give you a bit of storage room on top.

Suspension files can be used inside the cabinets to organise and separate all your paperwork. Tabs and inserts are included so you can label your file contents clearly.

Lever arch files, plastic and document wallets would be handy for filing work for different subjects and a variety of labels can be used so you can grab what you need quickly.

Box and archive files can help put an end to lost forms or documents that are not necessarily needed on a daily basis but still need to be kept on hand and properly organised.

• Literature Organisers

These handy organisers are available with a number of different compartments so you can choose the right one based on your class size. They can be used by teachers to store assignments, homework or reports for individual students. Teachers can also use a smaller one on their desk top to help them to easily find materials and keep clutter under control.

Literature Organiser

• Writing Supplies

Pens & pencils– you definitely need to buy more than you think you will need, these items have a habit of being ‘borrowed’ and never seen again. The options are endless– ballpoint, retractable, gel and ones with a textured grip for comfortable writing during those late nights correcting.
Highlighters are invaluable for keeping track of important points and there are low odour non-toxic permanent markers available which are suitable for practically any surface.
Post-it notes come in variety of sizes and colours and are useful for sticking reminders nearby or adding notes to student’s work.

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Whiteboards- an office essential but with so many to choose from, how do you pick the right one to suit your particular needs or environment?

We have put together a guide to help you decide which board is best for you, whether it be in the office, school or home.



Glass whiteboards are made from a tempered glass providing you with a durable yet stylish board suitable for the office, classroom or home. They have a non-porous surface which makes them extremely easy to clean and will not scratch or stain. These whiteboards are ideal for intensive usage which is required in a busy office or classroom environment. Glass whiteboards are available in magnetic versions which is ideal for the use of presentation accessories

Enamel whiteboards also have a magnetic surface and are ideal for everyday use in schools, offices, conference rooms and training facilities. They have a high resistance to scratches and stains while also being easy to clean.

Lacquered steel magnetic whiteboards are ideal for general use. They have a smooth, painted surface which is easy to clean and resists staining or ‘ghosting’. They are lightweight and suitable for moderate usage in areas such as meeting rooms and offices.

Melamine boards are ideal if you require a whiteboard for light or general use. They are non-magnetic and require regular cleaning to prevent staining. They are the most economical of the whiteboards and will suit a general office or warehouse environment.


Whiteboards come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.
Customers can choose from a portable, double sided board measuring 190mm x 260mm which is light weight and has a long lasting surface, or a large whiteboard measuring 2400mm x 1200mm.


Whiteboards can easily be mounted to the wall, which will suit a classroom or a large conference area. A mounted board means it is less vulnerable to damage and will not move during a meeting or lesson.

An unmounted whiteboard can be used anywhere around the school or office which provides much greater flexibility of use and accessibility. It also gives you the option of a revolving board so both sides can be used.
For more information on our Whiteboards or to get a quote please get in touch with a member of the Sligo Supply Centre team on 071-9145257 or

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Managed Print Services.

Posted on 14, Nov

Do you want to reduce costs within your business while also increasing productivity?
If so, then Managed Print Services is for you!
MPS is a programme that allows you to buy or lease your printers and then pay for the supplies on a ‘per click’ basis – you only pay for what you use.
The team at Sligo Supply Centre will work with you to identify your requirements and devise the optimum solution to enable you to save money, time and resources.
You will have access to a simple web portal where you can monitor usage, order supplies and request a service.


Benefits of MPS

Easy – The web portal is your one point of contact which allows you to order new supplies, make a service request and has complete visibility of costs and usage.

• Economic – MPS promotes the economical use of paper while also eliminating the cost of holding spare supplies of toner, cartridges, etc. Service and support costs are also reduced as we provide free servicing and parts for 3 years or 5 years, depending on your contract.

• Tailor-made – We work with you to assess your printing needs and discuss how your business can optimise your document output while saving money and time. Your tailored package will cover the purchase of hardware, installation, training and service.

• Predictable – Regular billing enables you to easily manage costs and as toner is charged ‘per click’, you are only billed for what you actually use.

• Productivity – MPS enables you to boost productivity among your employees, as staff will always be able to print whatever they need. MPS can also expand with your requirements as your productivity increases.
MPS can be installed on a variety of printers, whether you prefer a Brother, Samsung or Toshiba, Sligo Supply Centre will cater to your needs.
Implementing MPS hosts a number of benefits for your business and your staff while offering you increased control and security over your print infrastructure. We here, at Sligo Supply Centre provide an assessment which results in a tailored recommendation that suits you and your business needs with minimum stress and hassle! Contact us today to speak about how MPS can benefit your business or email us at for more information.

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Shredder Hire Service

Posted on 10, Aug

At Sligo Supply Centre we are now offering a Shredder Hire Service. This service allows your workplace to rent a high security and quality shredder from us.

Our service will allow you to take control of your shredding onsite instead of sending boxes of confidential documents away from your premises.



Sligo Supply Centres Shredding Service is ideal for:
• Large volumes of shredding.
• Seasonal clean outs.
• Once off shredding requirements.

Service Includes:
• Flexible on site shredding to suit your needs.
• A shredder that will suit your needs based on our assessment.
• Delivery of the shredder to your premises.
• Collection of the shredder at your office.
• Drop-off options for residential clients with smaller volumes.

For more information on our Shredder Hire Service or to get a quote please get in touch with a member of the Sligo Supply Centre team on 071-9145257 or


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There are several items that you will need in your office in order to ensure that it is running efficiently. One of the items that any office is going to need is a printer. Though more and more offices are relying on email and technology, some clients will be interested in having documents printed and brought to them. Therefore a printer is still required in nearly every office.

Inkjet or laser? Mono or colour? We help you answer all these questions to find the right printer for your office.

Inkjet Printer
If colour is an absolute necessity to you, an inkjet printer might be the way to go. Most come with the standard cyan-magenta-yellow-black colour array.
Inkjet printers come in two main categories: multi-function and single function. If having a printer that scans, copies, and faxes is required for your office, you’ll want to go with a multi-function inkjet. But if the main focus will be on printing, a single-function unit will meet your requirements.

Brother Inkjet MFC-J5320. 










Laser printer

If you need a printer that can support a small team at the office, a laser printer is probably your best choice. Most are much faster at churning out documents than inkjet printers, have higher duty cycles and are known for excellent text-printing abilities. Since laser printers are made for fast printing, they will often have larger paper trays than inkjet printers. Instead of ink, laser printers use toner to print.

Brother Colour Laser Printer DCP-L8400CDN







Sligo Supply Centre are the official supplier of Brother Printers in the North West of Ireland. Brother Printers offers a range of flexible and functions that are designed to save you time and money. Whether you need an office printer or one for home use, Brother has a solution for you. Read more – here.

For more advice on the best office printer that suits your needs please get in touch with a member of the Sligo Supply Centre team on 071-9145257 or

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Organising Your Office Space

Posted on 12, May

Good organisation is essential for productivity. It means you can locate files quickly which will make life and work a lot easier. If office papers, files and folders are well organised and indexed with binder tabs and dividers it leads to you feeling in control of your workload and evokes positive vibes. Additionally, with everything organised and sorted your office has a professional appeal.


Why choose Lever Arch folders?
Lever Arch files on a book shelf are a great method of filing. Lever Arch files stand upright, don’t fall over, can be moved around easily and it’s simple to insert and remove papers from them. For a limited period we are offering a 10 Pack of Lever Arch Files for €9.99.

You can use dividers to subdivide the contents. For any document that you don’t want to punch holes in, you can put them in a plastic envelope and file the plastic envelope. Dividers come in a range of sizes and materials and are essential for making your folder that bit neater and keeping documents organised by topic. Finding specific documents will no longer be a problem.

Poly Pockets and Indexes.
There is also a range of poly pockets, indexes and dividers to choose from so you never have an excuse not to organise your files in order. The biggest benefit of using index tabs is that all the documents are neatly placed in one place and do not get mixed with other documents. All you need to do is place the documents under the right category and place it into a folder with a correct label and tab.

From suspension files to lateral files to ring binders and lever arch files, there is an option for every kind of filing system you could want or need.

At Sligo Supply Centre you will find a wide variety of folders, binders and accessories that will enable you to organise your office and home documents in a more impressive manner.

Call us on 071-91452057 or email

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Sligo Supply Centre now stock Kobra shredders. Kobra is an industry-leading brand of shredders designed for a broad array of applications. Their shredders are packed with innovative attributes and proprietary technology and have features such as smart energy management, jam proof operation, safety sensors and precision engineered cutting knives, to name a few. From routine personal shredding to highly confidential data destruction, Kobra’s comprehensive product line has the right shredder for the job.

Kobra Shredders

Things to consider when choosing a shredder:

  • The number of sheets you need to shred on a daily bases
  • The confidentiality of your data
  • The types of media to be destroyed (Paper, Cds, Credit Cards)
  • The number of people who will be using the shredders
  • The money budgeted for the shredder

This image outlines how Kobra rank their various types of shredder:
We have a selection of Kobra shredders – here. If you need more information on shredders that may suit your requirements please contact us on 071-9145257 or

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